A magical portal opens at 17:45 pm in Oakland Mall in Guatemala, Central America.

Hello. My name is Lolo! Po and I came from Guatemala. We had to pass Mexico to come all the way here. The portal still shined bright even though it was hundreds of kilometers away. Thanks to the light, we were able to find our way here.

This is the Oakland Department Store in the middle of Guatemala City. The Dooms have also come here to destroy the environment on Earth. The reason we are here is to defeat the Dooms gang who come through the open portals here in Oakland.

The central hall of Oakland is always crowded with many people. Most of the time, the portals for Dooms often appear at the top of the hall. Sadly, there are only a few of us, and we don’t stand a chance against the Dooms gang because there are too many of them. That is why we avoid this place as much as possible. But, if we have more friends to help us and fight together, we can defeat the Dooms and get the Earth back to normal!

What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere is hides a well.

On the second floor, there are many banks where the Dooms gang keep their stolen jewelry and items. When the portal opens, they take all the jewelry and items back to their planet. My big brother, Po, once told me (he went to the planet of Dooms the last time through the portal in Times Square), that they gather the items all together, melt them all at once, and then make weapons and armors to attack our home, Earth.

There are many stores in Oakland, and some stores are being used as a temporary energy source for the Dooms. This is a secret, but Po and I tampered with the device and we are getting some energy for us, too. The Dooms will get pretty mad if they find out about this. Right?

We hide among the people, and when the Dooms come here to attack innocent people, we come out and defeat them while gathering all kinds of items to save the Earth. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can even find some treasure boxes that are full of jewelry and shiny armor!

In the center, on the third floor, there is a door where we can get outside to the rooftop. Sometimes, pretty birds fly around the department store, and when we are attacked by the Dooms, those birds come to heal us. Sadly, we don’t know the names of these birds yet. If you get to see them, we would be really thankful if you can tell us their names.

This is an outdoor terrace and the view here is really beautiful at night. Many people come here with their family, lovers, and friends, to enjoy a nice meal and have a happy time. But because the Dooms gang just cannot bear to see people being happy, they often come here to terrorize the people. Oh and one more thing, when the ceiling is open, you can get supplies from the sky through hot air balloons.

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We came from the planet Beanie to save our friends and creatures of Earth from pollution. But, it is too hard to save the Earth because of the countless Dooms gangs all around the world. Please keep the Dooms gangs from interrupting us by blocking the open portals around the city you live in.

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